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The Luxury of Having Tailor Made Suits in Dubai That Fits Perfect

April 17 2017 Published on #Mens Tailor in Dubai, #Mens tailors in Dubai, #Dubai Tailors, #Tailors in Dubai, #Men Suits Dubai, #Tailor Made Suits Dubai, #Suits Men Fashion, #Suit Tailor Dubai

Whatever may be the style of your suits a regular fit, slim fit, or a modern fit the suit that fits you perfect is the one that is tailor made for you by expert cutters in Dubai.  

Making a bespoke suit  

The suit makes a man look sophisticated and fashionable if it is tailor made to fit him perfectly without any unsightly folds and creases where it is not wanted.   Our body structure is broadly classified into different types which are slim, fat, athletic, and medium built. However, the perception of these categories may vary depending on the height of that person, a tall man may appear lean or medium built even if he is on fatter side.  An experienced tailor in Dubai knows these factors and makes allowances while designing the suits so that the suit hugs the body seamlessly. Traditionally the types of Fit are:

  • Bulky – Normally made for men with larger build body 
  • Classic – This one provides a classic traditional silhouette 
  • Tailored  - This is for those who don’t want to look bulky nor traditional, but modern  


What you can expect from tailor made suits  

Give yourself a touch of glamour with trendy suits crafted specially for you that radiate your personality and aura around. Things that make a suit outstanding: 

  • Fabric texture and color
  • Relevance of design to the occasion 
  • Single breasted / Double breasted 
  • Lapels  that is appropriate to the design of the suit 
  • Pant style – Pleated / Flat front, Cuffed / Straight leg  

An experience tailor in Dubai who creates perfect tailor made suits can give you a helping hand in the selection of branded clothing, pocket style, lapel type, number of vents and buttons, lining material, etc. 

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