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4 common mistakes while selecting suit tailors in Dubai by men

October 19 2019 , Written by Royal Fashion Published on #tailors in dubai, #bespoke suits dubai

Anyone who is getting a bespoke suit designed by men's tailors in Dubai has to keep a lot of pointers in mind about that bespoke tailoring nitty-gritties. Making sure that the design and style is perfect involves a lot of brainstorming. Because a small mistake will make the suit look weird and out of place.

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Here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid when getting a bespoke suit designed by tailors in Dubai.

Out of place tie bar

Tie bar or a tie clip is a common accessory used with all the bespoke suits dubai. This bar prevents the tie from creasing and to maintain balance between the suit and the tie. By choosing the wrong tie bar, you’ll create the risk of making the suit appear out of given proportions. The placement of the tie should not be too high or too low. Tie bar should not appear as its own entity.

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Wrong tie selection

So many people ruin the style of their suit by selecting a tie that doesn’t match. This creates a obstruction between suit, shirt and tie making it the highlight when it should not be. Don’t create such fashion disasters because it will give create a bad image of you among the important corporate personalities. Ties with cartoonish images or bright colours should be avoided.

Mismatched suit and shoes

While getting a suit designed from tailors in Dubai, one should always make sure that the shoes are matching with the suit. A pair of shoes that don’t match are capable of ruining your style. It is also recommended to avoid common mistakes while selecting sport shoes and choose leather shoes with matching socks for the perfect look.

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Never fasten all buttons

A lot of first timers fasten all the buttons thinking that this is the best way to sport a suit. This is not recommended and it ends up creating a stiff look for the wearer. The top buttons should be kept untied so that suit should flow. This way, you come across as a person who is aware about fashion and carries themselves with ease.

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